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We are Renee, Nathan & Ryan - a young family travelling Australia indefinitely since Jan 2016.

Renee is a Registered Nurse (one of those crazy ones who prefers to work in Emergency) and picks up short term rural/remote contracts as we travel, taking us to some more ‘off the beaten track’ parts of the country.

Nathan is a Carpenter who is actually from NZ, but on the road he is predominantly ‘tent husband & general fix-it/improve-it man’.

Ryan is now 5 and generally spends his days asking ‘what are we going to do today’, making instant friends with any other kids he meets & getting dirty. It’s a tough life!

We decided to leave because we had been settled in Melbourne for a few years, and life was feeling a little bit 'same same'. We needed a change and this seemed like as good an idea as any! Once we had decided to go, we just wanted to go. So within 3 months we had sold most of our stuff, rented out our house, and hit the road. Unfortunately because we didn't do a whole lot of planning, we also didn't have a ton of money. Which is one of the reasons why we work as we go, to pay for the trip.

Our aim is to give you a glimpse of life on the road, and hopefully inspire you to think about living life a little differently.