12 v rechargeable shower

We live in a camper trailer which means we don't have the luxury of an ensuite bathroom. But we do have a shower! You can get 12v rechargeable showers from any camping store. They take up pretty much no space, recharge via USB, and the pump end simply sits in a bucket of water. We use about 20L for the 3 of us to shower, and we heat the water by boiling the kettle and adding it to the bucket. Simple, but effective! And if you want some tips on how to fold down those pesky shower tents, check out Nathans video here

Weber Q

Not just a BBQ! We use ours to bake bread, make cakes & biscuits, cook a mean roast and a crispy pizza, and occasionally even as an actual BBQ. It takes a bit of practice to get used to baking in a BBQ, but once you get the hang of it you'll bloody love it. Check out my tips for baking in a Weber here

Scrubba Wash Bag

We seriously love this thing! It's essentially just a dry bag, but it has a ribbed inner surface that allows your clothes to get a good scrub. We use it with grey water safe wool wash, meaning you don't need to rinse, so it only uses a few litres of water. It's easy to use, allows us to keep on top of our laundry & carry less clothes by doing a regular wash even when we're in the middle of nowhere, and of course we save on laundromat fees. You can check out our video of one in action here & purchase one here

There are so many gadgets on the market for travellers, and it's very hard to know what is neccesary and what is a complete waste of time. We've tried rather a lot of them, and this is some of the stuff that works for us. But remember, everyone is different, so talk to lots of travellers, and look at a wide range of reviews to determine if something will meet your needs before parting with your hard earned cash! 

Note that in some cases we have received products free from sponsers, whereas others have no affiliations at all. Regardless of how we came across them, all of these products are fantastic items that we use on a regular basis, and we would never recommend a product otherwise. 

Fold flat bath

Our son has outgrown this, so we no longer use it, but it was fantastic when he was smaller so we've decided to put it here anyway. You can get them from Target & Kmart, or a quick ebay search. And when we had ours it doubled as a laundry basket too.

Sattelite Phone

We personally think this is super important - vast parts of Australia have absolutely no phone reception, and if you get in to trouble you want to be able to call for help. Now a lot of people travel with a PLB, which is certainly another option, but it's really for life threatening emergencies only. We chose the sat phone option so if we needed to call a tow truck, or just get in touch with family, we could. As well as of course be able to call 000 from anywhere in an emergency. Ours cost $600 ex hire, and it's on a $15 a month casual plan, with any calls we make extra. 

Redarc Solar Blanket

Seriously, how cool are these solar blankets? So light, so portable, and still so efficient. We absolutely love ours, and we love that it's so versatile - we can put it on the roof of the camper, the bonnet of the car, hang it from our awning, or lay it on the ground. And it's great if space is at a premium like it is for us. The only downside is that they're worth a few dollars, so we don't feel comfortable leaving it out at our campsite when we go out for the day in case it walks, whereas we're happy to do that with our cheaper folding panels (and incidently we've never actually had anything stolen anyway)

12v Fans

We've been through that many fans over the last few years, being tight asses and trying all the cheaper options. In the end we gave up on them and went with the Sirocco Caframo ones. They're more expensive, but gees they're worth it. We added a couple of tent pole clips to ours, and they live away under the bed when we're not using them, then when it's hot we pull them out, clip them on, plug them in & away we go. They work really well and use very little power. Check out Nathans video about them here & we bought ours from various ebay sellers

This page contains affliate links​

This page contains affliate links​