Well we left from Melbourne in January 2016 travelling in a 2010 Mitsubishi Triton & a 2015 Cub Camper Escape. We stopped in Warwick (QLD) for a month to work at the hospital and top up the bank, before spending some time in Brisbane for Renee to have surgery thanks to a worrying pap test result (which all turned out fine, yay!) 

We continued to travel up the east coast as far as the Gulf & Cape York, stopping to work in Innisfail Hospital on the way (where Nathan ended up needing surgery too, and we grudgingly contributed far too much money to the surgeons retirement fund). We also got stuck for a short time in Malanda, when the Turbo on our Triton decided to shit itself (we've donated rather a lot of money to mechanics retirement funds on this trip too, not to mention making good use of our breakdown cover). After the Cape we popped back to the Atherton Tablelands, working for a short time in Atherton Hospital, before heading inland to work at Julia Creek Multi-purpose health service (inland QLD in the heat, what were we thinking?!). We spent a bit of time travelling afterwards, then we scooted back to Rockhampton where we left the car & camper with some friends of friends, and flew home to Melbourne for Christmas.

The Great Escape - Australia at the Blue Mountains
The Great Escape - Australia at Cape York

In early 2017 we flew back to Rocky, picked up the trailer, and headed inland to Cunnamulla for a 7 week contract (back to outback QLD in Summer, we must be bonkers!). Fortunately that contract came with a nice air-conditioned apartment so we didn't die in the heat. After Cunnamulla it was back to the coast to do some work with Cub Campers at the Brisbane 4x4 & Adventure Show, then down to Sydney to work at the Caravan & Camping Supershow. It was in Sydney that a bloke failed to give way & drove in to the front of our camper trailer, causing it to mount his vehicle, drive over the bonnet, & flip in to oncoming traffic. Needless to say, that was the end of that trailer. Fortunately we were very well insured, and the people at Cub managed to custom build us a whole new trailer in record time. Meanwhile we holed up in Wellington, NSW working at the hospital there, before doubling back to Sydney to pick up our beautiful new trailer.

Cub Camper crash accident

And off we went, certain all our bad luck was behind us. We had plans to meet some family & friends to travel the Birdsville Track, so along the way we met up with Renee's Mum & Dad, Aunt & Uncle, and 2 other friends who all have caravans. We all travelled together through Broken Hill, in to SA, and up the Birdsville Track (watching bits and pieces fall off all the on road caravans the whole way). From there we said goodbye to the caravanners, and we carried on with plans to travel to Cameron Corner & the Strezlecki Track. However, it turns out our bad luck wasn't behind us. While letting the tyres down in preparation for hitting the dirt again Nathan noticed a crack in the chassis of our Triton. A few choice swear words were uttered and we realised we weren't going anywhere, and it fact that the car might not be going anywhere ever again. Well we got in touch with the awesome guys at Club 4x4  insurance, and a fabulous bloke at Thargomindah welded the crap out of the chassis. Meanwhile Renee called her agency to beg for work, and found a few weeks at Charleville Hospital to top up the bank balance, and staying on a goat farm doing some work in exchange for accommodation. We then high tailed it back to Melbourne where we very happily said goodbye to a vehicle that had been nothing but trouble, and picked ourselves up a 2011 Mitsubishi Pajero to continue the journey.

The Great Escape - Australia Cub Camper on the Holland Track

Flash forward a few weeks and we were on the road again, heading west. We spent a few months travelling the coast of South Australia (definitely the most under-rated state - make sure you give it the time it deserves!), picking up work in both Cleve, & Cowell on the Eyre Peninsula, and doing some work for accommodation on Kangaroo Island. We also fitted in a quick flight to Sydney to give some seminars at the Caravan Camping Lifestyle Expo about our adventures, and got an awesome SmartBar bullbar fitted onto our Pajero in time to cross the Nullarbor. We carried on west until we hit Perth, where we picked up a house sit to see us through Christmas and then New Year, then headed south to check out the Southern WA coast and travel across to Esperance where we stopped to work for 3 months. After that we scooted up into outback WA to explore for a bit, then doubled back to Perth.

From Perth we travelled up the WA coast stopping to work in Karratha for 6 weeks, and also meeting some family in Broome for 2 weeks. Then we travelled down the Tanami Track to the red centre to explore the Uluru region. After that it was time to head back to Melbourne to prepare for the next leg of our journey - New Zealand!

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