• The Great Escape


♡ 2 months on the road! ♡

Another month down, and we're still in Northland. May still be here at the 3 month mark too at this rate!

That's roughly 2,761km driven over 62 nights on the road, in 15 different places.

In the last month we've:

- experienced gorgeous sunny days, as well driving rain and wind, and everything in between (but still haven't needed to plug into power)

- mainly stayed in Department of Conservation sites so only had roughly 3 hot showers (but plenty of cold ones/ocean or river swims!)

- sandboarded down dunes, boogieboarded in the ocean, and kayaked on borrowed kayaks.

- been given Snapper, Crayfish, watermelon, avocados, Tuatua (like Pipis) & coffee by wonderful fellow campers.

- celebrated Waitangi day by visiting the Waitangi Treaty Grounds

- been evacuated from our campsite due to a tsunami alert

- got a speeding fine, and discovered our rego was expired simultaneously

- spent hours awake with a grumpy baby and endured what feels like millions of tantrums (kids are fun! The neighbours must love us )

- started distance ed schooling in the matter we plan to continue - Suuuuuper relaxed.

- made it to the very top of New Zealand

- and met loads of amazing people from all ages and backgrounds.

There are definitely worse ways to live

And all our combined New Zealand travels so far look like this

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