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Well our Cape York travels have come to an abrupt end thanks to a last minute work contract in The Tablelands that was too good to refuse. Unfortunately we didn't get to visit all the places we wanted, but that just gives us a good excuse to come back 😉

I know most people who do The Cape incorporate Cooktown and the Bloomfield Track, but we actually did that as a seperate trip, so I'm going to put seperate stats for the two different journeys.


Cairns - Lakeland - Coen - Sams Creek (On the OTT) - Seisia - Gunshot (also OTT) - Weipa - Merluna Station - Lakeland - Atherton

16 nights 3 free nights 13 paid nights Total camping cost $336 Most expensive site: Weipa $30 unpowered Favourite campsite: Sams Creek (free camp)

Total kms: approx 2,460kms & 4 million corrogations Cheapest diesel fillup: $1.28 at Lakeland Most expensive diesel fillup: $1.68 at Seisia (But it's $2.10 at Bramwell. We made good use of our jerries!) Total fuel cost: approx $545

We only did part of the Tele Track, from just north of Sams Creek to just south of Gunshot.

Damage to vehicle: 2 x broken anderson plugs to trailer (& we only carry one spare!), a cracked windscreen, an exhaust that is no longer connected to our vehicle, a cracked sway bar link, and a turbo thats making some very strange whistling noises on acceleration!


Mareeba - Port Douglas - Daintree - Lions Den (via Bloomfield) - Elim Beach - Cooktown - McLeod Creek - Mareeba

985kms 9 nights 2 free nights 7 paid nights Most expensive site: $40 unpowered at Port Douglas (the most expensive night of our entire 7.5 months on the road!!) Favourite campsite: McLeod creek (free camp) Total camping cost: $198

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