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We spent over a year in QLD and came up with a list of our favourite free camps!

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Texas free camp Queensland

Texas Dumaresq River Rest Area

A very popular spot just out of Texas, Queensland, but we rocked up on Good Friday & still managed to get a decent spot. It's right on the river and just out of town. No facilities other than bins, but the town itself has free hot showers which is a big plus!

mary kathleen uranium mine

Mary Kathleen Ghost Town & Uranium Mine Who knew there was a disused open cut, still radioactive, uranium mine just sitting in Outback Queensland, Australia. We didn't, and we certainly didn't know you could camp there! It might sound like a bad idea, but the nearby ghost town of Mary Kathleen is totally safe and a great spot for a night or two. And the mine itself if surprisingly beautiful - just don't be tempted in for a swim unless you want to start glowing in the dark. No facilities, but plenty of interesting stuff to keep you entertained.

dawson river rest area

Dawson River Rest Area

West of the town of Moura, Queensland is this little shaded rest area right on the river. It's a lovely shaded, quite option, with toilets & even has a shower (free for cold, coin operated for hot)

Paroo River Eulo

Paroo River, Eulo Just out of Eulo in SW QLD is this lovely little spot on the river. Nice shady spots, no facilities.

Cave hill quarry free camp

Cave Hill Quarry Free Camp

This was a little WikiCamps gem we found SW of Eromanga down in the bottom SW corner or QLD.We had the place to ourselves and climbed the nearby rocks for stunning views of the surrounding area, and our campsite. No facilities, quite remote, and probably for offroad setups only depending on how brave you are.

gunshot creek cape york

Gunshot Creek, Cape York

The famous Gunshot Creek is well known for people driving their cars over the drop, but what many people don't know is you can camp there too, and it's a lovely spot. You don't need to drive down Gunshot to get there, it can be accessed via the bypass road, or via the Gunshot Chicken track, but like all of the OTT it is definitely 4WD only. No facilities at this one, but plenty of shade, a lovely clear creek to swim in, and plenty of entertainment watching crazy people throw their vehicles down a small cliff :)

Wyandra Camping Area

Wyandra Camping Area

One of the best we've come across, Wyandra, Queensland should be bloody proud of this spot. It has a small camp kitchen area with tables, a sink, and water. Plus free toilets AND showers. Well done, Wyandra. 48hr max stay, and you'll be sharing the place with about 4,000 kangaroos.

Cumberland Chimney Free Camp

Cumberland Chimney Free Camp

One of the best! You'll find this popular spot on The Savannah Way west of Georgetown, Queensland. This is an old mine site and has some ruins left behind, plus a beautiful dam with a viewing platform & free binoculars. It's a stunning spot but very busy, so best avoided if you don't like being too close to your neighbours.


Yowah Rest Area I didn't take any pictures of the campsite itself, so here is one of the hot springs in town instead. The rest area has toilets AND hot showers, plus the town is very welcoming to visitors so make sure you pop in & check it out.

Walkers creek free camp karumba

Walkers Creek Free Camp North of Normanton at the turnoff to Karumba, this is a shaded spot on the river with no facilities. But condsidering how expensive Karumba is, it's a good alternative. Don't be tempted to swim in the river unless you fancy becoming croc food

Calliope River Rest Area

Calliope River Rest Area Just out of Gladstone, Queensland this one is also popular, and for good reason! It's got tons of space, plenty of shade, and is right on the river. There is a toilet block on both the north & south sides of the river, but depending on where you choose to camp it may be a bit of a hike to the facilities.

fishermans park surat

Fishermans Park, Surat A nice little spot run by the local fishing club, they've just put in a new amenities block funded by the donations of previous campers. It bucketed down while we were there and the place turned into a mud pit, but still a great option. Walking distance to town, and you'll find some free showers in town if you're in need of a scrub.

Bluewater rest stop

Bluewater Rest Stop

This rest stop on the A1 north of Townsville is popular so make sure you get in early to bag a good spot! If you're up the back you won't hear any road noise, and it has toilets, drinking water & a playground. This one has a 48hr limit so don't be a dick and overstay your welcome

black bull siding

Black Bull Siding Free Camp You'll find this one east of Normanton on The Savannah Way behind the Gulflander train station. It has flushing drop toilets, bins, & a large undercover picnic area. The Gulflander train pulls in on a Wednesday morning for morning tea.

Camooweal billabong

Camooweal Billabong

You'll find the town of Camooweal, Queensland west of Mount Isa just before you hit the NT border, and the billabong is just out of town. It has plenty of shaded spots right on the water, lots of birdlife & beautiful sunrises/sunsets. No facilities at this one so you'll need to be self sufficient. Max stay 48hrs

mcleod creek free camp

McLeod Creek Free Camp

This little spot is on the Mulligan Hwy, the sealed road that goes up to Cooktown & Cape York from the Tablelands. It's just a nice little quiet shady spot on a clear creek not far off the road. We pulled in for an overnighter, ended up staying a few. No facilities, but you can swim in the creek if it's been a while between showers

Sams Creek cape york

Sams Creek, Cape York One of our faves! This lovely shaded spot on the Overland Telegraph Track has a beautful secluded swimming spot with crystal clear water. No facilities, obviously 4wd only. Beware you don't get caught skinny dipping there like I did!

Wallam creek free camp Bollon

Wallam Creek, Bollon

This spot is an absoloute credit to the town of Bool, west of St. George in southern QLD. It's a beautiful spot on the river with plenty of space, and has water, bins & toilets, plus it's an easy walk to town so you don't even need to unhitch.

chinchilla weir

Chinchilla Weir

Just out of Chinchilla this one has FREE POWER!! Not only that but the Weir is pretty, there are toilets nearby, and plenty of shade. As you'd expect it's a popular choice and there are limited spots (very limited powered spots) so get in early. Max stay 48hrs.

corella dam

Corella Dam

Situated between Mount Isa & Cloncurry this is a beautiful spot with so much room you'll feel like you've got it all to yourself (even if you don't). A little tricky to find, you come to what appears to be a locked gate, that isn't actually locked, then you go through and see what you can find. Apparently there are toilets somewhere, but we never found them.

free camp near winnton

Free camp near Winton, Queensland This one is listed on WikiCamps as 'Gravel Pit West Up Side Road' and is one of those little gems that you'll have to search for, but that will be worth it. We had this one too ourselves as well, and after a short climb up some nearby rocks we watched a beautiful sunset with stunning views. Lots of bugs at this one so keep that in mind if you don't like to share with 6 legged creatures. Oh & probably for offroad setups only. No facilities

Richmond rv park

Richmond RV Park