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We've had a lot of people asking about our new diesel heater in our Cub Camper so here's all the details!

We bought it from Diesel Heat. They have a website (www.dieselheat.com.au) but don't sell online - instead you call and have a chat about your needs, and they put together a package with everything you need to install it yourself.

It cost us $1400 inclusive of postage and everything needed for the installation, plus a 10L fuel tank. And took Nathan about 2 days to install in the camper trailer. It can be run on either a 'power' mode with seven power settings, or as a thermostat where you set it at a specific temperature.

We've been running it as we're going to bed, and as we're getting up in the morning on cold nights. We find the tent heats up really quickly, bu of course being canvas it tends to lose the heat fairly quickly too once it's been turned off.

We initially decided to make it a portable unit, with Nathan installing it in a tool box. We were then sitting the unit outside with a vent coming in under the door of the tent. This worked fine, but it required us to set up/pack up each time, and there was also a worry that it could get stolen, so we ended up deciding to install it properly in the trailer.

We had a bit of trouble deciding where in the trailer to put it but ended up mounting it on the step of the trailer. In this location we didn't really lose much in the way of storage space, and it could still easily be hardwired to the camper trailer battery. And the control switch lives on Renee's side of the bed so we don't need to get out of bed to turn it on in the morning!

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