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💩 We need to talk about this.. 💩

There is nothing I hate more than pulling up at a great free camp, or stopping for a cheeky bush wee & coming across a minefield of toilet paper/baby wipes (& don't even get me started on actual human 💩).


Now don't get me wrong, we're guilty of the odd behind the tree wee, but you will never ever find us leaving toilet paper around (& baby wipes are even worse!!). And in the days before we travelled with a portaloo we would always dig a proper bush dunny for any number twos.

It's not that hard - if you need to do a bush wee, and you just have to use toilet paper, then carry a bloody bin with you and dispose of it properly. And if you just can't wait until the next toilet and really need to do a 💩 in the bush then get the shovel out, dig a big hole a good distance from any water source, and cover your 💩 before you leave so I don't have to come across it at a later date!

If you can't do all of these things, then do us all a favour: stay at home & 💩in your own 🚽


PS - the prize for greatest number of 💩 emojis used in the one post goes to me 🏆

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