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☆ Our tips for crossing the Nullarbor ☆

The Nullarbor isn't just an iconic road, it's also a destination in it's own right. It's crazy long, but it can also be very beautiful, and there's a surprising amount to see & do. So here's some tips for the crossing:

- Its loooooong, and it's remote. Make sure you stock up on supplies unless you want to live on roadhouse food

- water is precious & scarce. At many places it will not be available and if it is you won't be able to fill your tanks. So make sure you carry plenty with you

- there is a border crossing which means quarantine rules. You'll lose any fresh fruit & veg, and if you're going into WA you can't take honey. So plan ahead - we chooped & froze leftover fruit & veg, cooked meals in advance, and stocked up on frozen/tinned fruit.

- you can take a shower (for a fee) at pretty much all the roadhouses. And some have coin operated drinking water - for example at Cocklebiddy Roadhouse it's $2 for 10 litres.

- there are free camps all across the Nullarbor. Like seriously everywhere. Some are average, some are amazing. Check out WikiCamps to find the best. Expect to have no facilities, if you need those then best to camp at the roadhouses

- the SA side is a lot more scenic, so allow more time there for exploring. And there are loads of beautiful free camps with ocean/cliff top views on the SA side

- facilities are few & far between, particularly on the SA side. There are few bins and toilets are rare. When you do find them expect to have no toilet paper. Be prepared to wee behind a tree (also scarce on the Nullarbor!). This DOES NOT MEAN IT'S OK TO LEAVE TOILET PAPER LYING AROUND. Carry you own bin for your rubbish.

- look out for caves & sinkholes to explore. You can get info at the roadhouses or on Wikicamps. Don't expect points of interest to be sign posted, cause they probably won't be.

- diesel can be up to $1.90/l. But with some careful planning you can avoid the high prices. The most we paid was $1.64. We filled our jerries where it was cheap, and kept an eye on prices & distances between stations using the FuelMap app

- if like us you're free camping the whole way treat yourself to somewhere nice for a night or two at either end. We stayed at the Fowlers Bay Eco Caravan Park before we started & Fraser Range Station at the other end. Both were very social with nice hot showers!

- and lastly if you can, take your time. It's a long way, particularly with kids. We had lots of stops, did lots of exploring, and ate lots of zooper doopers. Every roadhouse is a hub of travellers to meet, many who have been the way you're going so can give you great tips. So try to enjoy it!

Happy travels


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