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This does tend to change from season to season, and as things wear out and are replaced.

But as a snapshot in time here are some lists we put together

MUM A list of all my clothes!! (And yes, I have more than I need, but this is our full time life, I want a bit of variety) Clothing: - 2 jeans - 1 pair nicer long pants that hardly get worn - 1 pair trackies - 1 pair loose, light long pants (to keep the bugs off, but it turns out the mozzies can bite through them!!) - 3 shorts - 2 skirts - 4 dresses - 4 long sleeved tops - 3 light long sleeved shirts - 7 singlets - 3 t-shirts - 4 jumpers/jackets (it's been cold lately! Once it warms up I'll reduce this) - 1 superwarm Kathmandu coat/jacket - 1 'going out' cardigan that I never wear - 1 puffy vest - 1 beanie - 1 scarf - 4 bras - tons of undies (the more you have, the less often you have to do a load of laundry 😉) - various socks (Nathan and I share) - 1 bikini - work clothes (Nursing scrubs - not pictured) Shoes: - runners - 'work' boots - 'nice' sandals (rarely worn) - Nursing shoes (not pictured) - 4 pair of thongs!! (I found cheap havianas and it's always good to have some spare 😉) All the clothes fit in a tub at the end of the bed perfectly in our Cub Campers camper trailer (we have a tub each). The runners and boots live in the back of the car for easy access if we stop for a hike or to collect firewood. The sandals and spare thongs are in an 'odds & ends' tub under the bed. I also have a little pencil case of make up that I don't think I've even used for months.. I own a couple of great quality staple items from Birdsnest and Kathmandu that are fantastic and worth the $$'s, but otherwise most of our clothes are cheaper items that can get dirty or go to the op shop once we're done with them. And that's it, all the clothes I own in the world

Packing list - mum

DAD Ok here's Nathans full list - it turns out he doesn't have much less than me! 😀 Clothing: - 1 pair jeans - 1 pair trackies - 1 pair nicer chino type pants - 3 pairs shorts - 1 pair boardshorts - 1 pair long work pants - 2 pairs work shorts - 2 work shirts - 9 t-shirts - 2 singlets - 2 nicer collared shirts he never wears - 2 long sleeved tops - lots of socks (we share socks) - 9 pairs underwear - 1 scarf - 1 beanie - 2 jumpers - 1 awesome Kathmandu benmore jacket - 1 Kathmandu puffy jacket Shoes: - 1 pair runners - 1 pair work boots - 1 pair nicer going out shoes - 2 pairs of thongs - 1 pair of aqua shoes (not pictured) All his clothes fit in his tub which sits at the foot of the bed when the Cub Campers camper trailer is closed, and comes down along the side of the hard floor when the trailer is open. Most of his shoes live in the back of the car for easy access. And that's it, all the clothes he owns!

Packing list - dad


Ok we've done packing lists for Nathan & I, so now it's the kids turn! Ryan is 4 and has been on the road for 2 years, so pretty much none of his current items are the same as what we set out with. What's in his clothes tub changes regularly, but to give you a rough idea this is what he has currently.

Clothes: 3 singlets 8 t-shirts 5 long sleeve tops 1 jumper (until a few days ago we had 2, but one has gone walkabout) 1 puffer vest 1 Kathmandu goose down jacket (hopefully not to be used for a while now!) 6 pairs of shorts (many of which are board shorts so double as bathers) 2 pairs of jeans 2 trackie dacks 2 pairs winter pjs 2 pairs summer pjs Tons of underwear & socks (you can get away with wearing a t-shirt 3 days in a row but not undies. So more underwear = longer between needing to dp the laundry!) 1 raincoat 1 beanie 1 pair of gloves 1 Batman costume (very important!)

Shoes: 5 pairs, which is about 3 more than he needs! 1 pair runners 1 pair work boots (for working) 1 pair of gumboots with light up soles 1 pair crocs sandles (these are FANTASTIC & double as water shoes) 1 pair thongs (recently purchased because we thought we'd lost the crocs, but turns out we hadn't!) Honestly all he really needs is the runners & the crocs.

All clothes live in a tub that also houses all his books, plus a giant bag of lego. The shoes tend to live in the car for easy access.

When clothes are grown out off they go to the op shop, where replacement clothes are often purchased. Or at good old Kmart.

And my number 1 tip? NOTHING WHITE!! That goes for adults & kids 😉

Happy packing!!

Packing list -the kid

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