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☆ Getting mail on the road ☆

I can't believe we've been on the road 2 years and we've only just worked out this awesome way of getting parcels delivered on the road!

So believe it or not there's an app for it! The Australia Post app does all sorts of things but the best thing for travellers is you can find a post office anywhere in Australia, and add it as your delivery address. It then generates a unique number associated with you at that address so whenever mail is sent there you receive tracking notification within the app. Then once it's delivered you get a message to let you know, and you've got 10 business days to pick it up. And of course, it's all free!

I've just tried it out for the first time, getting a few packages sent to Manjimup, Western Australia & the good news is it worked a charm. The bad news? I can now easily return to buying useless things I don't need online whenever I like 🤣🤣

Thanks to House Truck School for giving me the tip 👍

getting mail on the road

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