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🍕🍕 Pizzas in the Weber 🍕🍕

Pizzas are fantastic camp food! The Weber makes great pizzas, and lately I've been making the bases myself too (proper house wife, me!)

So here's all the deets:

We do the bases out of greek yoghurt & flour. No point making it too complicated (& it actually works really well). The recipe I use says 1 cup of greek yoghurt to 1 cup of self raising flour, but I find that you need a little more flour than yoghurt or it's too wet & sticky. I also like to add a bit of flavour so I put in some cracked black pepper, powdered garlic, & italian herbs. This amount makes the two bases pictured.

Then it's just a matter of kneading it all together until you get a good dough, and flattening it out into the shape you want. One of the reasons I like making my own is I can make it shaped to fit the Weber. Now we aren't carrying a rolling pin so I just shape it by hand. You want it to be as thin as you can make it (unless you like a thick base). Remember its SR flour so it's gunna get thicker as it cooks.

I find it works best if you pre cook it before adding the toppings so I chuck it in the bbq for a bit first. We don't use any fancy pizza stones or anything like that. I just put a double layer of foil over the trivet & the pizza goes straight on that.

When using the Weber as an oven I turn the dial up to high until it reaches the temperature I want (& for pizzas you can get away with anything from 150 - 200 degrees, depending on how long you cook it for!) and then once it's at the temperature you want, open the lid, chuck your food in, shut the lid again as quick as you can, and turn the dial right down to low so you're not cooking the bottoms of your food. You're going to need to make sure your bbq is out of the wind to maintain your temperatures, otherwise the heat gets all blown away.

Ok so I cook the base until it's a little harder and easier to manage, then grab it out again (& put the next one in). The bottom side will be more cooked than the top so put that side up & cover it with whatever toppings you like. Then it's ready to go back in! Cook it til it looks ready (everything seems to take longer in the Weber) & then you're done!

Yummy pizzas and you'll be the envy of your camping neighbours 😉👍


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