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☆ Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand National Park ☆

Lucky Bay is famous among big lappers & overseas tourists alike for it's beautiful beaches, but mainly for it's very friendly resident Kangaroo population that obligingly like to pose right on the beach for your photos.

Well it didn't disappoint! The beach is indeed beautiful, and the Kangaroos are indeed everywhere. You'll not only find them on the beach, but also under your camper, and inside your (seemingly secure) food boxes.

You'll find it about an hour east of Esperance, Western Australia. You can take the main road, or if you've got an off road setup like us & you're feeling adventurous you can drive along the beach all the way from Wylie Bay in Esperance to the Cape Le Grand Beach.

Lucky Bay has a great National Park campsite with hot showers, flushing toilets, bins, and a camp kitchen. It will set you back $11 per adult per night, or $3 per child (aged 5 - 16), so it's pretty good value really!

But the catch is it's absurdly popular, so you'll need to get in early to grab a site. And by early I mean 8am in busy times! And our tip? Don't be put off if you arrive at 8 & are faced with a 'campsite full' sign - they don't update the sign until after 9am. Just drive right past & if you see a site, grab it before someone else does!

Plus don't forget to check out all the other beautiful (but less touristed) beaches in the area 👍

And do the right thing and don't feed the Roos, hey? (Well at least, not on purpose. They are crafty little buggers though)

Check out this detailed article we wrote about the Cape Le Grand area for Outdoria here

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