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That's 2 years, 2 months, and 8 days, full time on the road, with a now 4yo, a 4x4 and a Cub Campers camper trailer!

And our accommodation costs? Just $64/wk. That's an awful lot cheaper than staying at home🖒🖒

Here's what we've learned:

- the more space you've got the more shit you'll take. Similarly the more water you carry, the more you will use. Same goes for power.

- travel is the BEST education (that goes for kids and adults)

- you meet the best people on the road

- white clothes are never a good idea

- traffic is a modern form of torture. Ditto for large crowds.

- kangaroos are stupider than they look

- the best places are found at the end of a dirt road

- a swim in the ocean/a river is a totally acceptable substitute for a shower

- you do NOT need a 4 bedroom house and a high paying job to be happy.

- ANYONE can do this. You just have to find your way past your excuses, your fears, and your "what ifs"

- less 'stuff' = more appreciation for the things you do have

- this country we live in is absolutely bloody amazing. Get out there and experience it!!!


Got questions? Just ask!

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