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Travelling Australia doesn't have to cost the earth. Here's some tips for saving $$'s on the road that you may not have come across. Got some we've missed? Share them in the comments!

- If you're from the eastern states, have private health insurance, and spend any length of time in WA or NT, call your insurance company and change your address! We're currently working a 3 month contract in WA. By changing our address from VIC to WA with our insurance company we're saving $60 a month on our premium.

- Set yourself up for off grid travel so you can free camp & save $$'s on camping fees. For us this means a great solar setup (cheers REDARC Electronics), plus our own toilet & shower. Our Cub Campers trailer is fully offroad & we're self sufficient meaning we can camp pretty much anywhere.

- Think outside the box with your accommodation. Consider working in exchange for accommodation or house sitting. Both will give you a unique experience and won't cost a cent. We use helpx.net to find work in exchange for accommodation/food & Aussie House Sitters for house sitting.

- As for free camps, get yourself the WikiCamps app to find some great options. Plus make sure to follow our page + pages like ours for lots of great campsite recommendations, then go in & 'favourite' them on the app so you don't forget them.

- Buy vouchers online to save $$'s. For us we use our CIL travel saver card (from our camper trailer insurance) to get 5% off Woolworths evouchers. Meaning we can essentially save 5% on groceries, booze & fuel.

- On the subject of fuel, get yourself the FuelMap app so you can keep an eye on prices. That way you know if its cheaper to fill up in this town or the next one down the road. And make sure you update it to help out other travellers too! Plus we use our jerry cans as an extension of our fuel tank in outback areas to extend our range so we have more choice in where we fill up. Then when we're in town they stay empty so we're not carrying unnecessary weight.

- Get yourself access to Telstra Air if you can. We have a Telstra wifi dongle that currently only has about 100mb on it, but doesn't expire for another 6 months. Meaning we've got access to Telstra Air, which we're in range of in our current location. So free internet, whooo! (Shhhh don't tell them 🤣)

- On that note while Telstra without a doubt has the best coverage Australia wide, they're also well aware of it & charge accordingly. However they're not the only option - we're with Boost Mobile Australia. They have the same coverage as Telstra, it's just their data speeds in some areas are a bit slower. If like us you're more worried about network coverage & value for money than download speeds then they're a great option. And they're prepaid so you're not locked in to a contract. We currently pay $40/month for 15gb + ulimited text/calls.

- On the subject of mobile phones we buy ours refurbished from reputable sellers on eBay. They're as new, cost a fraction of the price, and generally come with a warranty.

- On this trip we've had a camper trailer written off & also made a major claim on our previous 4x4 so we know how important insurance is. But make sure you shop around when it comes to insurance and don't be afraid to bargain. And definitely don't just blindly pay your car insurance every year without checking it. The insurance company we initially insured our 4x4 with increased our premium when it came up for renewal but also drastically reduced our insured value. So we shopped around to find something that actually covered our vehicle + accessories for the amount it would actually cost us to replace, instead of wasting money insuring a car for half it's value. For the record these days we're happily with Club 4X4

- Do your own laundry and save on laundromat fees. We don't have room for a washing machine, but we do wash most of our own stuff. For free. We use The Scrubba Wash Bag. Video of how it works for us here

And our biggest tip? Search or scroll back through our page to find tons more great info like getting set up for free camping, great DIY ideas, and amazing free camps 🖒🖒

Because the less you spend on this shit, the more you have to spend on the good stuff!!

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