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We actually hit the 1 year mark a week ago but between mechanical issues, fridge problems, & camping with no reception we haven't managed to get any stats up. But here it is, a very comprehensive list of stats & expenses after a year on the road!! THE ESSENTIALS: 366 days Caravan parks: 161 nights Free: 174 nights (66 with family/friends & 44 in staff accommodation) National parks/low cost camps: 60 nights B&B: 1 night for a special occasion Total accommodation cost: $4170 ($79/wk) Approx. 28,000 kms + a few more driving other peoples cars when we flew home to Melbourne for a visit. 3862 litres of fuel in the Triton Roughly 16L/100km Total fuel cost: $4868 ($93/wk) -My phone died recently and none of the fuel app data was backed up so it's estimates on kms & fuel consumption- Groceries: $7663 ($146/wk). We ain't living off noodles. Phones: $1949 ($37/wk). This includes 2 mobile phone plans on Telstra & Boost and 1 Sat phone which is $15/month. Car/trailer insurance/rego + ambulance cover + breakdown cover: $2457 ($47/wk). Ambulance victoria cover is $89/yr, RACV total care is $225/yr. Both essentials as far as I'm concerned. So that's $402/week or $57/day for essentials only. But of course it's not that simple - we want to have some fun too, and unfortunately things can go wrong sometimes as well (or in the case of our car things can go wrong a lot!). So here is EVERYTHING ELSE: Maintenance & Improvements: $11,134 ($214/wk). This is the big one. Some of our car expenses include: a new turbo, a new exhaust, 2 new windscreens, 2 new batteries, a few services & 4 new tyres. Plus we've added a few things, and made some modifications to our whole set up along the way. For example: a portaloo + chemicals, shower tent, 12v shower, a stretcher bed for the kid, a second solar panel, and 3 new fans (the fan saga is ongoing. We currently own 4. But that's another story). And let's not forget the gas refills and all the visits to Bunnings/Bursons/Supercheap Auto/Repcoetc etc. Health insurance & health expenses: $6579 ($124/wk). The other big one. Our private health insurance costs $256.50/month. Do we need it? We debate this constantly and always decide yes, so we still have it. Plus in the year we have been away we have had 2 surgeries in the private system which both had out of pocket expenses. But both of these surgeries would have required long waits in the public system and I'm not sure how that would have fitted into our travels. Plus of course there is your usual doctors visits and medication expenses. While living on the road is undoubtedly good for your health it doesn't make you invincible unfortunately. Alcohol: $1220 ($23/wk). Surprisingly low. Thanks Dad for all the free wine. 👍 Entertainment: $1271 ($24/wk). This includes tourist things + occasional daycare days to keep the kid happy when we're stopped in one place for work. Eating out: $2471 ($47/wk). Maccas, takeaway coffees, pub meals, & rather a lot of bunnings sausages. Presents home: $2456 ($48/wk). People don't stop having babies or birthdays or getting married just because you're away. And Santa still has to find you. God this one adds up though. Laundry: $243 ($5/week). 'Other': $4213 ($80/wk). This includes 2 lots of return flights to Melbourne, 2 new phones (bad luck in that area too!), sunglasses, clothes, replacement underwear after it got stolen off the line... all the other random uncategorized stuff. Which also adds up real quick. Plus Renee has some expenses related to work (Nursing) like union fees & professional development/courses. All up we're looking at about $1000/wk. Which is more than we'd hoped but because we work along the way it's been manageable. And on that note.. Places worked: Warwick, Innisfail, Atherton, Julia Creek & Melbourne. Total experience: priceless. Total regrets: not a single one.

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