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As an Emergency Nurse you may expect us to carry a rather comprehensive first aid kit... and you'd be right!

I'm yet to find a pre made first aid kit that I'm happy with, so I've made my own, and it's changed and evolved over time. It's probably not the most organised of systems, but it works for me!

So here's what we carry. Does it mean you need to carry all this? Not necessarily, no. You carry what you feel you need for your individual circumstances. And you may very well need things we don't have. But it may just give you some ideas.

This all stays in the 4x4 so it's with us all the time. No point leaving it in the camper & then going out and finding you need it but you've left it at home.

I should also point out that there is no point having a fantastic first aid kit if you don't know how to use it. I personally feel very strongly that ALL travellers should know basic first aid/CPR skills, and have a method of calling for hep that doesn't require mobile phone coverage. Particularly if you're going remote, travelling with kids, or you and your partner are getting on in age. I cannot stress this enough!!

I should also point out that if you do have an extensive medical history, take regular medications, or have allergies then it's a great idea to carry a list that outlines it all. This is extremely useful if you end up in an Emergency Department you've never visited before. As an example my Dad made up a laminated card that he carries in his wallet.

And if you think we've missed something vital then please let us know in the comments 😁

Ok, here's a rough list:

Dressings/Bandages: Exactly what it says - a collection of various dressings and bandages. Including: - simple dressings of various sizes - waterproof dressings - band aids - light crepe bandages - heavier compression bandages suitable for snake or strains/sprains - steri strips - tape - slings - a tourniquet - gloves - n/saline - emergency blanket - gloves - a quick first aid booklet for Nathan/other non nurses to use as a reference - a notepad & pen for recording information

It's a also a good idea to have an ice pack handy in your freezer (if you have a freezer!)

Tablets: None of us take any regular medications so this is just a few things that we may find we need. And of course we also carry paediatric pain killers & antihistamine. Obviously your list may be much more extensive depending on your familys needs. Ours includes: - pain killers: paracetamol & ibuprofen - antihistamines (useful for both hayfever & allergic reactions) - motion sickness tablets - laxatives - Strepsils/throat lozanges.

Other stuff: Random stuff like: - tweezers - scissors - vicks chest rub - ural sachets - thermometer - tape - rehydration sachets - and a few other nursey things you won't find/need in a regular first aid kit 😉

Hiking kit: Essentially just a smaller condensed version that can come with us on hikes. This is still a bit of a work in progress getting the right balance of weight vs. potential need. Obviously if someone in your family has a particular medical concern then you msay be carrying additional medications. I'm thinking things like GTN or Asprin if you have a cardiac history, ventolin for Asthma or an Epipen for Anaplhylaxis. Fortunately none of that applies to us so ours currently includes: - a couple of dressings/gauze - snake bandages + a light gauze bandage - a sling - some n/saline - a sheet each of paracetamol, ibuprofen & antihistamine - band aids

Sat Phone: Our Sat phone & charger lives in here and comes with us on hikes etc.

Honestly other than the pain killers and bandaids we've barely used this stuff in our 2 and a half years on the road. But always good to know it's there if we need it.

Stay safe out there people. I meet enough grey nomads in outback emergency departments as it is 🤣

First Aid Kit

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