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It's no secret we love getting out onto the dirt at every opportunity, so when we noticed on the map there was a "short cut" between Wave Rock & Kalgoorlie, Western Australia we just had to check it out!

And boy are we glad we did. The Holland Track + some good dirt roads on either end make up about a 300km run between Hyden, Western Australia& Coolgardie, Western Australia. But as the name would suggest for the most part it's nothing but a single dirt track, with plenty of wash outs & mud holes to keep it interesting.

This "short cut" took us 3 days, with 2 nights camped in free bush camps along the way. In that time we saw only 2 other groups, each coming the other way. There is no water, no supplies, no phone reception, and no facilities so you need to be self sufficient and prepared.

But in saying that the track was great - with all of the really challenging parts having a 'chicken track' nearby, which is excellent if you're towing, or are working to increase your 4x4ing confidence. But if you want a challenge and to get a bit muddy then there's plenty of opportunity to do that too. And as per usual the Cub never missed a beat (& kept all the red dust out!)

The track itself is maintained by the Toyota Landcruiser club of WA & they're definitely doing a great job, so cheers for that guys! 🖒

The damage: 1 busted tyre on the 4x4 (whoops, my fault that one!) 1 smashed anderson plug 1 lost d-shackle

The highlights: Beautiful sunsets Stunning wide open starry skies Singing & dancing around the campfire like no one can hear you - because they can't!

This is the Australia that we love the most, and it's such a privilege to be able to experience this awesome country

Check out a video of our time on the track here

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