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One thing we hear all the time is this: "It's great that you're travelling while your son is so young as I guess you'll need to stop when he starts school".

And our answer? Actually, no we won't. Our son learns far more on the road than we ever could have imagined - and with their being so many amazing Distance Education programs out there, there's really no reason why we need to stop when he starts school.

So lets give you a little insight into our last week on the road, as a snapshot into the life of a travelling 4yo - all of which fits in perfectly with his eKindy Distance education.

- Over the first 3 days we travelled through outback Australia on the Holland Track. Ryan learned about tyre pressures for 4wding & appropriate preparation re: food/water/supplies/offroad recovery. He also collected firewood, helped chop that firewood, built, & started the fire. We came across all sorts of animals tracks that he worked on identifying. And at night we looked at the stars without any light pollution and discussed constellations, planets, planes & meteors. Plus he helped Mummy get the perfect star photo of our campsite, and had a go at flying the drone. Ryan also did his first bush poo this week! He needed to go, there's no toilets, and the portaloo was packed away in the camper. So he learned how and where to dig a hole, how to dispose of toilet paper, and how to cover it up properly. Ryan insisted on marking all his piles with 'X marks the spot' to trick future campers into thinking there was gold there. So don't be fooled!! We also picked up a heap of toilet paper and baby wipes along the way left by other campers, resulting in lots of discussions about responsible camping & conservation.

- The next 2 days were spent in Kalgoorlie learning all about mining & rocks. Unfortunately the Superpit was closed but we looked at photos instead, and went to a tourist mine where Ryan got to pan for gold. We met prospecters at the campsite who talked about how they find gold, and showed Ryan a real gold nugget. Ryan met other kids at the playground, chatted to just about every person who passed our camper, and went swimming in the pool. We also talked about ages & aging (we were much younger than most other campers) which unfortunately resulted in Ryan standing on top of the camper yelling and pointing "look there's another old person". So that quickly turned in to a conversation about manners 🤣 Kalgoorlie was the only place this week we phone had reception so we had a web session/video call with Ryans eKindy teacher Miss Jillian.

- The last 2 days of the week were spend free camping by Lake Ballard. We went for long walks on the lake, and talked a bit about human anatomy as the statues that make the lake famous are all nude. Ryan liked pointing put their bums. We watched the sunset, climbed a small mountain, and looked for shooting stars at night. Ryan spent a lot of time digging for gold and collecting various rocks, then comparing them to pictures in a National Geographic book we bought him in Kalgoorlie. He found lots of Quartz & now knows it by name. Ryan tasted the salt on the lake & we looked at all the different shaped salt crystals. Ryan made great friends with some fellow campers who shared their campfire with us. He used the drop toilet, and we talked about water conservation when we used the tank water.

And as per usual Ryan got to spend plenty of time with his Mum & Dad, read tons of stories (some read to him over the phone from Melbourne by Ninny & Pa), worked on counting & the alphabet, helped with meal prep/cooking most nights, assisted with laundry, and helped set up & pack up the camper trailer.

We also spent a lot of time this week talking about our lifestyle and trying to make Ryan understand that most people don't actually live like we do. But honestly, he doesn't really understand just how good he's got it!


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