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Camping in a ghost town isn't something you get to do everyday!

The former town of Big Bell, Western Australia is about half an hour from Cue, Western Australia. This town sprung up in 1936 to service the nearby Big Bell mine and continued on until the mine closed in 1955. After that time most of the buildings were relocated leaving only the concrete slabs and various debris behind.

But there are 3 buildings still standing (albeit only just). A church, part of a house (maybe?) and the very impressive fenced off ruins of the Big Bell Hotel.

You can pop in for a visit, or like us you can spend the night. We pulled up next to one of the remaining ruins, made good use of the concrete slab, and built a campfire in the still very functional 80 year old fireplace.

And we had it all to ourselves. Well, us & the ghosts...

Check out this detailed article we wrote for Outdoria about our time camping at the ghost town of Big Bell here

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