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By popular demand here are my tips for baking in the Weber!

Now I've noticed that everyone does this ever so slightly differently, and everyone thinks their way is the best. So you've gotta do a bit of trial and (probably a lot of) error to see what works for you.

The basics:

- Get yourself a trivet of some sort to keep your baking up off the grill. This does not need to be a Weber branded on (ours isn't).

- Cover your trivet in at least 2 layers of foil

- Light your Weber, check it's going on high and shut the lid until it reaches the temperature you want to bake with. If possible get it about 20 degrees higher than you want.

- Once it reaches temperature you can open the lid and put your baking in. The quicker you can manage this the less heat you'll lose.

- Close the lid and turn your heat down as low as it will go so that you don't burn the bottom of your baking. Hopefully you'll be sitting right at the temperature you want.

- Don't be tempted to keep opening the lid to check your baking or you'll lose heat. Have a little faith.

- Once it's been in for the appropriate cooking time open the lid and ta da, you have yummy fresh baked goods.

DISCLAIMER: Cooking in the Weber is a fickle business and rarely works to plan so you'll need to be ready to improvise. Here are some tips for getting it right:

- Watch the wind. Even the slightest breeze will effect the temperature inside your Weber. We have been known to (carefully) cook in the canopy of the ute on particularly breezy days.

- If you're still getting burned bottoms consider adding another layer as a buffer like I've done in the picture with the bread. Baking paper seems to help a little as well.

- You'll often have trouble getting your temperatures high enough, particularly if you want 200 degrees or above. So keep this in mind and modify your cooking times accordingly if needed.

- Getting crispy tops is tricky. I spray the bread with a bit of oil to help the top brown up.

- For bread I use the Lauke bread mixes pictured. The box does 4 loaves and the individual packet does one. It comes with yeast so you only need to add water, and they have detailed instructions on the pack.

- Cooking bread is not difficult but it is a time consuming process as it needs to be left to rise. I only attempt it on days where I have a whole afternoon free.

- I find inside a warm car is a great breeze free spot for leaving bread to rise.

- You should be able to cook anything in the Weber that you can cook in an oven, with the same recipes, but I find some things work better than others, so you've just gotta give it a go and see what happens!

Happy cooking

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