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You’re so LUCKY to be travelling full time

We hear this a LOT. And in many ways we totally agree. We ARE extremely grateful for the life we lead, and we ARE so very lucky. Lucky to be in good health, lucky to be born and raised in safe countries with the ability to have complete freedom over what we choose to do with our lives, lucky to come from loving and supportive families and to have such a beautiful network of friends. And so very lucky to have found a life partner who is willing to take a chance and come along for the adventure. Not to mention a fantastic adaptable kid who we are so happy (most of the time!) to have in our lives.

So yes, we are lucky. But this trip, it’s not luck. This trip that we are on, and the lifestyle that we lead was a choice. It’s a choice we made, and it’s a choice so many other families are making. We chose to quit our jobs, leave our house, sell our stuff, say goodbye to our friends and venture into the unknown. We chose to work along the way to pay for it. We chose to live under canvas, without a flushing toilet and hot water on demand. We chose to be away from our extended family and the people we love. And it hasn’t all be smooth sailing. We’ve had 2 surgeries along the way, a camper trailer (our HOME) that was written off in an accident, and a vehicle that was nothing but trouble and had to eventually be replaced after eating a ton of our hard earned cash. But we still choose this life because we genuinely love it. And we share it with you guys to try and show that you can also choose the way you live your life.

At the end of the day there are a lot of things in life that come down to luck. But sometimes you have to make your own luck too.

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