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Some days on the road are absolutely fantastic. But other days are just a little bit shite. Yesterday was an awesome day. Today perhaps not so much. Yesterday we left Perth with a plan to head north until the weather improved. We made it as far as Lancelin (about 165kms) and stopped for lunch. When we were leaving town to continue north we spotted a car/camper combination that looked familiar. So we popped in to say hi & sure enough it was a lovely couple Paul & Silke who we'd met a few weeks ago at Lake Ballard. They very kindly shared their campfire with us the first time, and this time they opened their entire house to us, despite the fact that we'd dropped in completely unexpectedly. We swam in the spa, had barista style coffees made for us, got Pauls personal tour of Lancelin, and had an awesome bbq dinner and 'party' (as the kid called it) with a couple of their other friends. A few gin & tonics were drunk and we got to sample Pauls banana dessert (for special occasions only). They very generously offered us a bed in their house, but we said we were more than happy to sleep in the camper. In hindsight perhaps we should have checked the weather forecast first because little did we know there was a gale force weather warning for the whole coast. And thats about when a fantastic day started to go a little bit pear shaped. The entire night the wind howled, the camper rocked, and the rain belted down. Needless to say not much sleep (if any) was had that night. Well at least for Mum & Dad. Ryan on the other hand slept through the whole bloody thing and lept of bed as usual at the crack of dawn announcing how great he'd slept to two very cranky parents. The saving grace was a knock at the camper door nor long after to find Paul standing in the rain with a tray of freshly made hot drinks - cappuccino for Nathan, tea for Me, hot chocolate for the kid. So gees you can't really complain about that service! Unfortunately though the days been a bit rubbish since then with two exhausted parents in the car all day, taking turns to drive & nap in the passenger seat (still going north in search of better weather!) And a hyperactive well rested kid driving us both bonkers in the back seat. BUT we've pulled into a great campsite right by the beach, caught the tail end of a beautiful sunset, heated up some leftovers for dinner, and I reckon we'll all be in bed by 7pm ready to start afresh with a new (hopefully) awesome day tomorrow. Now heres hoping this bloody wind eases off.. Thanks again to Paul & Silke for being such awesome human beings. And to all the other absolute legends who have opened their homes & backyards to us over our travels - we appreciate it so much. One of the best parts of this travelling life is definitely the people that you meet along the way ❤ 

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