• The Great Escape


HOW TO TAKE THE PERFECT FAMILY PHOTO AT STEEP POINT: A QUICK GUIDE Step 1: Lower your tyre pressure, engage four wheel drive, and traverse a few thousand teeth chattering corregations to reach the western most point of mainland Australia. Step 2: Position the car just so, in the perfect position. This may require you to move the car multiple times under the careful instruction of your wife. Step 3: Get out camera & tripod. Compose your shot & turn on the self timer. Step 4: Spent 10 minutes arguing with a 4yo who is refusing to have his photo taken. Finally convince him to act like he actually wants to be there. Step 5: Spend a few minutes running like an idiot between the camera and the rest of your family grinning like a crazy person and using the camera self timer to take a few photos. Step 6: Review said photos and discover car is in fact not in the perfect positon after all. Repeat steps 2 - 5. Step 7: Drive 10kms back to your stunning beachside campsite. Wifi photos from camera to phone. Step 8: Choose the best photo. Tweak it a little to make it look even better. Step 9: Wait 3 days until you're back in phone reception then upload perfect family photo to Facebook & Instagram so everyone knows what a great time you're having. Step 10: Come up with witty & entertaining caption to accompany perfect family photo. And that's it! Simple 😁

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