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Steep Point, Western Australia

So let me tell you all a story about how we ended up camping right on the beach 2 metres from the water at the westernmost part of WA.

Camping at Steep Point requires a little bit of forward planning. You need fuel, water & all supplies. And you also need to book, which is not something we're particularly good at.

So there we were at Hamelin Station in their excellent camp kitchen, making dinner and trying to sort our lives out with a plan to call both the ranger at Steep Point & Tamala Station the next morning to see if we could nab a site somewhere. When we got to talking to two other couples who were also having dinner - well lo & behold wouldn't you know it but they were meant to be travelling with a third couple who didn't end up coming but was still on their booking for Steep Point where they were heading the very next day. So did we want to come with them and take their spot?

Well of course we bloody did! And so we found ourselves part of a convoy into Steep Point (which although heavily corrugated was actually not a particularly challenging drive), where we discovered they had just about the best campsite of the lot, right in the middle of the stunning Shelter Bay.

From this very campsite we took the kayak out every day, watched beautiful sunrises & sunsets, spotted passing whales, multiple pods of dolphins, a sting ray, a shark that came right into shore, and a huge seal that swam up to say hello to Nathan (& scared the shit out of him as he thought it was the shark back 🤣)

We seriously had a magic few days with our new friends and can't thank them enough for letting us crash their holiday and acting as Ryans surrogate grandparents for four days.

If you want to camp at Steep Point we definitely recommend, but you may want to be a bit more organised than us. Camping costs $8 per adult per night, and other than occasional drop toilets there are no facilities. It is definitely 4wd only, and the nearest drinking water & other facilities are a ways away in Denham so make sure you come prepared.

And the moral of this story? Always say hello to your fellow campers - you never know what adventures await you!


Check out a short video of our time there here

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