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How good is this? Stunning ocean views camping at Red Bluff, the northern most camping area of Quobba Station west of Carnarvon, Western Australia.

This place is something of a Mecca for both surfers and fishers alike for it's massive surf break & rock/cliff fishing. But even if you can't surf to save yourself and you're terrible at fishing like us it's still a bloody awesome spot to park up for a bit.

We pulled in during school hols so it was very busy, but everyone just squished in and made the most of it, and fortunately there's tons of space. It is dirt road access but there were plenty of caravans. And while there's no showers or fresh water available there is fantastic composting toilets and rubbish collection. Plus there's a small shop/cafe, you can have fires if you byo wood or buy it on site, and there's even a good old fashioned pay phone as you'll get zero phone reception.

It'll set you back $15 per adult per night which isn't too bad for this stretch of Aus.

And it's a little patch of paradise.

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