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If you need a break from the glorious Western Australia coastline (& subsequent wind and crowds!) then we've got the place for you.

Just north of Gascoyne Junction, Western Australia and only 2 hours inland from Carnarvon, Western Australia you'll find the beautiful Kennedy Ranges.

There's a bunch of great hikes you can do if you want to explore, or you can chill out in the picturesque campsite - it'll set you back $8 per adult per night which is a bloody bargain compared to the obscene prices on the coast. The only facilities are drop toilets (no water) so you'll need to be fairly self sufficient. But there is a book swap and the caretakers have a fire in the communal fire pit every night meaning it's lovely & social.

There is about 45 mins of dirt road between gascoyne junction and the campsite, but there were plenty of regular caravans coming through. Just don't attempt it in the rain - friends of ours did & had to spend a night on the side of the road because it became impassable. (Don't worry, they made friends with others doing the same, cracked a bottle of wine & had a grand old time)

Definitely worth a stop - just make sure you catch at least one sunrise while you're there. Absolutely stunning!

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