• The Great Escape


Our #vanlife progression:

2005: Ford Transit we bought for 900 pounds in Edinburgh and travelled around Europe. Converted to a camper by us. Very basic. Sold it for the same price.

2010: Toyota Hiace campervan. Basic but well converted by the previous owners. Driven from Melbourne to Darwin, Australia.

2011: Holden Rodeo 4x4 + cheap old off-road camper trailer bought so we could go to all the places in Australia you can't access in a 2wd. Driven around the western states of Australia.

2015: Mitsubishi Triton + awesome hard floor Cub Campers trailer. Travelled full time around Australia in it with our son until someone crashed into it & wrote it off

2017: Mitsubishi Pajeeo + awesome new hard floor Cub Camper trailer paid for by insurance. Still our current home as we continue to travel around Australia full time.

2019: We're jumping the ditch to New Zealand to carry on travelling. Not sure what's next. Probably take our 4x4 over with us. Then maybe buy an old caravan or bus that we'll do up or convert. Let's see what next year brings...


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