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Travel Australia With Kids... on a bike??

That's just what One Year On Our Bike is doing! They've been on the road for 7 months so far, cycling around Australia with their kids - Cloe aged 14, and Jack aged 12. As if that's not massive enough, they're also raising money for Motor Neuron Disease as they go - raising over $17k so far (with a goal of $50k).

We've been following their journey on social media, so when we realised they were going to be passing through Karratha while we were working there (and had a 3 bedroom house as part of the deal!) we had to offer them a place to stay for a few nights. After all we've had so many wonderful people offer us a place to camp on their property, so we try to return the favour and pass it forward wherever possible.

As they hadn't slept in a real bed for 5 months (they've got tents they camp in majority of the time) they happily took us up on the offer and spent a few nights with us in Karratha catching up on school work, laundry, and enjoying some of the food they can't eat while travelling (they don't have a fridge so can only carry non-perishable items!)

So many people seem to think we do it tough travelling in a camper trailer with a kid (we honestly don't though, it's great!) but the challenges we face are nothing compared to the challenges of fitting your lives onto 4 bikes for a year. Not to mention the physical effort - the day they left us these guys cycled 100km to their next campsite!

They're now travelling south down the WA coast so if you see them on the road be sure to say hi (you can't miss 'em, they all wear high vis yellow!), offer them a cold drink, see if they need a water top up (they can only carry max 40L water between them), and chuck some money in for Motor Neuron Disease.

You can also follow their journey on Facebook, and donate online here


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