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Seriously one of our absolute favourite parts of Australia (& totally better than the Great Barrier Reef!)

We've been before and we'll go again - where else can you camp on the beach, snorkel from the shore, and see such a stunnying array of wildlife both above and below the water?

We camped at Osprey Campground in the Cape Range National Park for a week (you've really gotta spend at least a few nights out in the national park to see the Reef properly) and spotted dozens of turtles & rays, countless variety of reef fish & coral, plus squid, cuttlefish, and even a few sharks (don't worry, they've very well fed so don't need to munch on humans). And of course we got to swim with Humpback Whales which was a definite highlight! (Check out the video & more info here)

Back on land our campsite was visited by Echidnas & Roos, plus we spotted Dingos, Emus, Wedge-Tails, Goannas & a beautiful snake while exploring the Range.

Such a beautiful part of the world, and if you want to find out more about it you can check out this article we wrote for Outdoria: The Breathtaking Ningaloo Reef

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