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Pender Bay Escape

One of the advantages of travelling against the flow (all the smart people are currently going south whereas we've been travelling north) is that we get to hear tons of tips and hints from people who have just been where we're going.

And we've had this place recommended to us again and again, not to mention all the gorgeous photos we've seen pop up in our news feed from fellow travelling families.

We knew we had to check it out for ourselves and it didn't disappoint! With spacious secluded campsites, gorgeous sunrises and stunning views I can't really see how you could not like this place.

It's one of many fantastic options on the Dampier Peninsula, north of Broome, Western Australia, so it's hard to pick the best spot, but this one has definitely got to be up there. It'll set you back $15 per adult, per night, and kids are FREE making it very budget friendly for travelling families.

It has hot showers, flushing toilets & potable water, but they're only located in one spot which could be a fair ways away, so it helps if you're fairly self sufficient.

We spent our days fishing (even caught some fish! Also caught a seagull who tried to steal my bait which wasn't fantastic 😕), watching whales in the bay, cooling down in the water (the water is super clear so we had our eyes peeling for giant bitey lizards 🐊), spotting hundreds of hermit crabs, hanging out and having a few drinks with the guys from Twins Epic Adventures (who are just as crap at fishing as we are 🤣) and just generally sitting around saying "gees it's hot!".

We're big fans of the Dampier Peninsula - we loved this area last time we came through and we're loving it again. And this spot was the perfect place to relax for a few days and just enjoy.

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