• The Great Escape


As an Emergency Nurse I see people on the worst day of their lives. People who have had horrible accidents, or life-threatening illnesses. And sometimes the last place those people see is the inside of my Emergency Department.

Sometimes, those people are children. As you can imagine as a parent myself this can be very difficult to deal with.

And you might think it would make me want to wrap my own child up in cotton wool to keep him forever safe.

But do you know what I've found? 99% of the time when the worst happens it's nobodies fault. It didn't happen because the kid wasn't being properly supervised, or because the parents were in some way neglectful. Most of the time these things just happen, and no matter how much cotton wool you use, and how much you try and keep your loved ones safe, there is always that chance of bad luck finding it's way to your door.

So we don't wrap him in cotton wool. We take reasonable precautions, but we let him live a little. Because I know that injuries, minor illness, and even the odd broken bone are a part of childhood. And I know that as scary as it seems, I can only do the best I can and hope luck stays on our side.

So with the luck side of things completely out of our control, we focus instead on just living our best lives, and take comfort in the knowledge that we're making the very best of the time we've got.

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