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Did you know Australia is home to the World’s BIGGEST rock? And it’s probably not the one you think it is…

Burringurrah/Mt. Augustus is over twice the size of Uluru, but gets only a fraction of the visitors.

It's completely beyond me why more people haven't heard of this place, although I do understand why more people don't visit - it's found in remote Western Australia and no matter which direction you access it from you're looking at a good few hundred kms of dirt road to get there. Which is of course why we like it so much 😁

There's a bunch of fantastic walks to explore all the different faces of the rock, as far as we're aware there is no controversy about climbing it, and the excellent Mt Augustus Tourist Park has green grass, hot showers, and will set you back only $22/night (kids under 11 free!)

If you like a bit of outback exploring then this place seriously needs to be on your lists!

We took a slight (700km!) detour out to Mt. Augustus (Burringurrah). This is a little snapshot of the journey.

Find the full article we wrote for Go See Australia about our time at Mt. Augustus here

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