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Field of Light, Uluru

Well we've never seen anything quite like this before!

Walking among these lights, with the moon rising, and the milky way above is a pretty cool experience in and of itself. But learning about how it was actually made and installed was pretty amazing too!

The artist Bruce Munro is based in the UK, where each of the 50,000 hand blown glass lights were created. The entire installation weighing in at approx. 15 tons was then flown 19,000 kms across the globe by Qantas on 32 different international and domestic flights to reach their location at Uluru.

Once they arrived at Uluru a team of 19 people worked over 5 weeks, and taking over 3,900 hours to recreate the installation on site, in the middle of the Australian outback during a hot Summer, putting together over 300,000 individual components including over 380km of optical fibre cables + 36 portable solar panels to run it.

All so we could wander around and enjoy it for ourselves.


Entry via organised tour only. $42 per adult including transportation from Yulara.

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