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Want to save 12 CENTS A LITRE on fuel every time you fill up?

Here's how we do it -

We buy Woolies (or Coles if you prefer) vouchers online, as we need them, at 5% off. We get ours through our CIL travel saver card but tons of companies offer them including CashRewards

We then use those vouchers to buy fuel, groceries & booze, saving us 5% across all those purchases.

So for example when we left Alice Springs knew it would be the cheapest place to fuel up for a while. We knew this because we looked ahead on the Stuart Hwy using the FuelMap app to check prices. For this reason we decided to fill up our jerries as well.

Fuel was 173.5/L, and our 4c/L discount automatically dropped it to 169.5. Then when you take off the 5% discount it drops down to 161.0/L. A SAVING OF 12.5 CENTS/L. Not to mention how much we'll save by filling our jerries to make sure we don't have to fill up at the place down the road where fuel costs 2.60/L

After all, every little helps!

Save $$'s on fuel with The Great Escape - Australia

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