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Updated: Apr 20, 2020


2 adults, 1 kid (who has been on the road over half his life!) travelling in an off-road Cub Campers camper trailer.

Left from: Melbourne Current location: Back in Melbourne preparing for the next leg of our journey - crossing over to New Zealand!

⛽ Approx. 83,000kms Average of 550kms per week Diesel cost: $115/wk (Diesel prices were fortunately a lot cheaper when we left! But some tips of saving $$ on fuel here

⛺ 1053 days on the road Accommodation cost: $77/wk A combination of free camps, caravan parks, work for accommodation, national parks, budget campsites, house sits, station stays, staff accommodation, friends/family and even Facebook followers opening their homes & yards (you guys are legends!) and even the occasional Air BNB/cabin/resort/apartment (34 nights of which were covered by insurance when our first camper was written off in an accident!) You name it, we've stayed in it!

Contrary to popular belief our travels are not paid for by blogging. We had a grand total of 24 nights accommodation in exchange for social media posts (approx 2% of our total nights) all of which were at fantastic places we were happy to recommend.

💲Total cost: we stopped keeping track at the 2 year mark. But at that time we were averaging $900/wk for EVERYTHING. You can see a full breakdown of our expenses at that time here

We had $12k in the bank when we left. We work as we go to fund the trip.

No of hospital visits: 1 (other than all the visits to Mummy at work!) No of ambulance rides: 1 No of RFDS flights: 1 No of suspected snake bites: 1 (responsible for all of the above! You can check out the story here:)

No of car accidents: 1 No of camper trailers written off: 1 No of cracked car chassis: 1 Meaning we have a different car/camper than when we started! (Good insurance is so important. Check out our tips here

No of times stopped to work: 12 (I think. I've lost track!) Percentage of time worked: approx 40% No of states worked: 5 I (Renee) am a Registered Nurse, so I do most of the work while Nathan is our excellent 'tent husband', who occasionally picks up work as a Chippie. Other jobs we've done along the way include: goat herder, egg collecter, pig feeder, wallpaper stripper, goat milker, vege patch maintainer all in work for accommodation arrangements.

Distance Education: The eKindy program through the Brisbane School of Distance Education which has been fantastic. Thanks to the lovely Miss. Jillian, Ryan hasn't had to miss out on his kindergarten experience.

Items stolen: underwear off the caravan park clothes line, a towel from the back deck of our apartment in Broome, and 2 beers from our fridge at another caravan park (Story here) We've had zero problems at any free camps, and we're not particularly cautious with our stuff.

Favourite free camp: Carinya Station in Lightning Ridge. Not your traditional free camp, but what a bloody awesome spot!

Favourite place: absolutely impossible to choose. But I'll work on a top 10. Watch this space.

What's next? We're selling our beloved camper trailer (get in touch if you're interested) packing our lives into our car, and shipping it across to NZ. We'll work for a bit, top up the bank balance, catch up with the NZ half of our family, and then explore Nathan's country - the land of the long white cloud. At this stage we're thinking we'll buy an old retro caravan and renovate it.

After that? The possibilities are endless! We've got the whole world to choose from and plenty of big ideas... 🌏

Thanks to everyone who has followed along on our journey. We LOVE hearing your stories, we love meeting you on the road, and it seriously brings a tear to my eye when I hear that we've inspired people to give this fantastic lifestyle a go. That was all we really hoped to achieve by starting this page - to inspire others. So we're very honoured that has been the case for so many of you. Sure this lifestyle isn't for everyone, but you'll never know how good it could be unless you give it a go. And for us it has hands down been the BEST three years of our lives together.

We've also been very lucky to work with some fantastic companies along the way. We're very choosy about who we work with, so if we recommend someone or something, it's because we genuinely love it. Thanks to all of these guys for choosing to work with us too!

We'll probably be a little quiet on the social media front for the near future. It's a lot of work, for very little reward, and there's often a lot of negativity that comes our way too. So it's time for a bit of a break. But I forsee us being back bigger than ever once our NZ journey begins, so stick around, we've shared Renee's country with you, now it's Nathans turn!

Want to read more? Check out this article we wrote about our travels for CamperMate here

3 years travelling Australia with The Great Escape - Australia

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