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See this? Other than what is in our car on it's way to NZ, and a couple of backpacks to come with us on the plane, this is everything we own in the world.

Now when we first looked into storage we were horrified by how much it costs, which is why we went with this option - a locked box about the size of a small car within the double car garage on our property in Melbourne. Storing our stuff here for the last 3 years (and probably years to come) saves us thousands of dollars. BUT it's not perfect. It wasn't until we'd built the box and filled it with our stuff that we started to think about insurance. And we quickly discovered that no insurance companies would insure items left by the landlord on the property that are not available for the use of the tenants, even if they're locked away. Plenty of companies said they would - but when I read the fine print and questioned them further, it became clear that they would not. So if our house burns down, the items in this box will not be insured. But at the end of the day there isn't a whole lot there of monetary value anyway - most of it is sentimental items that cannot be replaced. And we couldn't be assed moving it all elsewhere 😉

However if you're considering an option like this then it's probably best to call around and check if you can actually get insurance first! Hopefully you have more luck, but regardless of the insurance issue for us this has been a great alternative to traditional storage options. And it was like Christmas getting home and realising we had a whole bunch of clothes in there we'd forgotten we owned! Nice to have a bit of a change after 3 years wearing the same things 🤣

Storing your stuff while travelling around Australia

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