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Look I dunno about you guys, but when I'm about to embark on a massive life changing experience I'm generally packing my dacks.

And I've done it a few times now. I've travelled solo around the world, I've moved to the UK to be with a random Kiwi bloke I met on a Contiki tour, I've studied overseas, I've been on multiple long overseas journeys, and then just when we bought a house, had a kid & thought we were settled down for a bit we packed it all in and travelled around Australia as a family in a glorified tent for three years.

So you'd be forgiven for thinking that making the decision to move overseas to another country yet again would be without fear.

But you'd be wrong.

We leave tomorrow to fly to New Zealand for an indefinite period of time. It's not a particularly challenging move. The flight is only 3.5hrs. They speak English (albeit their own unique version 😉). Our Aussie car is coming with us. We don't even need a visa. And we've already got a ready made support network of family & friends waiting for us when we arrive.

But that curious mix of excitement, nerves, and actual real fear remain, as they do every single time. And those last minute doubts surface. Every. Single. Time. (What if we don't have enough money? What if we hate it? What if we don't find work? What if? What if? What if?)

And it's those very 'What Ifs', and that genuinely real fear that stops people from doing the very things we've done, even if it's something that they've always dreamed of doing. And I get that, I totally do. It's bloody scary.

But here's the thing. If I'd never left home and travelled the world on my own I'd never have met that bloke on that Contiki tour. And if I hadn't taken a chance on him and moved across the world to be with him I'd never have married him. And we'd never have had our amazing son. And if we hadn't packed up our lives and travelled Australia together we wouldn't be the tight knit family that we are, who have shared so many fantastic experiences together.

So when the fear raises it's head I try to focus on a couple of different 'What Ifs'. Things like what if I have a fantastic life changing experience? What if I meet new and amazing people? What if I create a bond with a beautiful new place, and expand my understanding of the world? What if I have a couple of things go just wrong enough to give me some excellent dinner table stories? What if I learn so much about myself, and what I am capable of, and become a better person as a result? And what if everything actually works out alright in the end?

Because so far, despite a few hiccups along the way, it always has. And gee what a great time we've had along on the way!

So New Zealand, bring it on! I may be a big ball of crazy nerves right now, but I know you're gunna make it all worthwhile.

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