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Ok, so I just did this 4 day hike on my own (my first multi day hike) and I had no idea where to start with preperation - particularly when it came to food. As someone who usually eats fresh food, and who usually travels in a 4x4 with a fridge, the idea of coming up with 4 days worth of non-perishable food items was fairly foreign to me.

So I reached out for help, and you guys well and truly delivered - I got so many fantastic suggestions and such great support! Now I've still got a long way to go in future , but this is what I packed food wise for the 3 nights/4 days:

Breakfasts: 1 x up n go (I'd already bought the bloody things, thought I might as well take one!) 1 x powdered milk + protein powder + museli 1 x powdered milk + protein powder + oats + dates + brown sugar to make yummy porridge

Lunches: Crackers tuna sachets laughing cow cheeses olives (omg these were soo good)

Dinners: 1 x uncle bens rice (again, i'd already bought the bloody things. But it was the most boring thing I've ever eaten. Never again.) 1 x pasta sachet + milk powder (just add water!) 1 x mi goreng noodles Dehydrated peas to add to meals Beef jerkey if I needed a top up (I definitely need to work on dinners. These were sufficient but fairly dull)

Snacks: Homemade trail mix (almonds, cashews, chocolate & cranberry) Dried mango 2 small apples Snack bars Weetbix bars Dark chocolate Cup a soups (I carried a thermos coffee mug that I could fill with boiling water at the start of the day then have a hot drink or soup at any point along the track) Peppered beef sticks

Drinks: 3L camelbak + 750ml water bottle for portable water (it's hard to get water out of the camelbak to use for other things). There was water available on the track, so I generally only carried 1.5 - 2L in the camelbak Tea bags

Coffee sachets Milo Powdered milk

Most important addition: 400ml plastic bottle filled with red wine! OMG best thing ever, I'm doing this every time!

This was pretty much spot on for me. I wasn't hungry, and I didn't have lots left over at the end (I actually had mainly trail mix left over). But I am not someone who eats a lot of food, so that helps. And even though I wasn't hungry on the trail, and it was enough food, I found myself fairly ravenous on the first day or two after I got home!

All up I think it weighed about 3.5kg (including the wine) but my cheap Kmart scales are not exactly what you'd call reliable.

I also watched everyone else closely to see what other people had to eat, and gees there was some variations! Many people just had the dehydrated premade hiking meals of various brands for dinners. But some people carried full size househould saucepans. One couple had bags and bags of fresh veges that must have weighed a ton. Some people had tins of baked beans. I was woken one morning to the smell of bacon cooking. And one group of young guys carried in a 1kg block of regular cheese. So I guess whatever works for you, works!

Thanks again to everyone who gave me help and advice. I am definitely open to more tips for future hikes, as I'm sure this will be the first of many!!

PS - if you missed all the photos from this stunning hike you'll find them here

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