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I'm sure you've all heard this one before - that when you're budgeting for a trip you need to work out your total km & then it's simply $1/km to calculate your likely expenditure.

Now perhaps this works for some people, but it certainly has not been the case for us! And looking at the figures, I can't really see how it could work, unless people are missing a few things in their calculations.

Take for example the table below. This comes from the RACV and details the average running costs for a vehicle including fuel, insurance, rego & servicing. Most people are travelling in an SUV or ute, and the running costs of these vehicles average $0.70 to $1.03 per km, just for the vehicle alone. Which doesn't leave a lot of room in your $1/km budget for everything else!

Now perhaps if you're just going away for a few weeks and only factoring in things like fuel, food & accommodation this figure may work.

But if you're planning a year long big lap, I'd be looking at some other ways to plan your budget for the year!

For the record you can find the full RACV article here

And if you'd like to know how much it cost us to travel Australia you can find the full breakdown of all our expenses at the two year mark here

Happy travels!

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