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We're pretty relaxed and positive people, so it's not very often we come across a place we don't enjoy. BUT there are a couple of places we definitely aren't huge fans of, so in the interest of #keepingitreal here they are!

(You may notice some if these places are often on people's favourites list. Which just goes to show everyone is different, and the only way to know for sure if you're going to like a place is to go check it out for yourself!)

1. SYDNEY Look, I'm not a massive fan of big cities full stop, and as a Melbournian I am of course genetically predisposed to a dislike of Sydney. We've been multiple times now and sure Sydney Harbour is unique & beautiful. But beyond that, it's never really been my favourite place. Then of course it's also the place our camper trailer was written off in an accident, for which I am forever holding a permanent grudge against the entire city. Sorry Sydney, I won't be rushing back 😉

2. BYRON BAY Controversial, I know. And I can see how this place was probably fantastic once. But it's just become so insanely busy. We pulled in to check it out and couldn't even find a free parking space, and god the prices! I just feel like there are so many other great little towns along that stretch of coast that offer the same great vibe and beautiful beaches without the crowds and the price tag. 🤷‍♀️

3. MONKEY MIA Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to visit Monkey Mia and see the dolphins. So I was super excited to finally get there on our first trip to WA 8 years ago. Only to find I could barely even see the dolphins through the crowds of other people just as keen as me to see the dolphins. And again, the prices! It just felt like such a tourist trap and nothing like what I hoped it would be. So this time we didn't bother with Monkey Mia. We still visited the Shark Bay area because it is STUNNING & definitely one of our favourite places. But we camped out in the Francois Peron National Park away from the crowds. And guess what? The dolphins came to visit US, and we got to experience them all to ourselves. 🐬

What are some places that you found a bit underwhelming? Let us know!

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