• The Great Escape



New Zealand's largest city by far, yet not the capital.

Home to 1.6 million (or so) people which is roughly 1/3 of the population of the country (more people live in Auckland than in the entire South Island).

And believe it or not, built atop a large volcanic field with no less than 53 volcanic centres/previous explosion craters, that lie dormant, but not extinct. One of which we're sitting on top of to take this photo.

Slightly unnerving for someone who comes from a country mainly lacking in volcanos, I must say. But over the last 200,000 years there's only been an eruption in Auckland every 4,000 years or so. And as the last one was 600 years ago, hopefully we'll have statistics on our side and be sweet for the forseeable future

But my favourite fun fact about Auckland? Aucklanders are known as 'Jaffas' by other Kiwis. Which stands for 'Just another f%$kwit from Auckland'

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