• The Great Escape


You know what they say; everybody wants clean toilets, but nobody wants to clean the toilets! Well we've never been adverse to getting our hands dirty in order to keep travelling, and recently we helped out at a Caravan Park for a few weeks doing such jobs as checking the amenities, clearing the bins, and flipping burgers in the takeaway. And although it shouldn't need to be said, apparently some people need a little bit of reminding when it comes to bathroom etiquette, so here are my handy tips: If you 💩 then flush the bloody loo! And if said 💩 gets on the toilet seat, or god forbid elsewhere in the cubicle (how does that even happen?!) then please, please, clean up after your own self! Men, if you need to have a shave in the public facilities, great, no worries that's what they're for! But please, don't leave all your hair in the sink for the next person to find. Like, seriously. Also Men, if you need to have a wee in the unisex facilities, great, no worries, that's what they're there for! But please, maybe shut the actual door? That's what it is there for also believe it or not. And don't even get me started on putting the toilet seat down.... 🤣 Be nice to your cleaners everyone & Happy Travels 😁💩

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