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Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Before, during & after: floors

Our caravan had some pretty cool vintage checkerboard lino going on when we bought it, but it wasn't really in great shape and once we decided to re-arrange the whole layout then we definitely needed to also re-do the floors.

We toyed with a few different ideas for this. We generally like the wood look but using actual floorboards would have been way too heavy, and we weren't sure about the logistics of laying big lino sheets, so we ended up going with vinyl planks. They're light, not too expensive, and relatively easy to install, but still gave the final look we were after.

As it turns out though, pulling up the floors in older caravans isn't necessarily a simple process. Many vans of a similar vintage to ours (1972) have asbestos in their flooring, so we were a little cautious about just ripping it out. Fortunately we found a local company who was able to test it for us, and it was found to be asbestos free, so we could go nuts on it without worrying.

We seriously considered trying to add some insulation to the flooring - after all we added it to the walls and roof - but unfortunately we couldn't really come up with a way to do this that we thought would be effective within the space that was available, and so we ended up just laying the underfloor with the vinyl planks right on top. So far we've not regretted this decision, but we'll see how our toes feel come winter time.

We have to give a big shout out to Grandpa here for again doing a great deal of the work. You'll notice there's no pictures of him actually laying the vinyl. That's because we went to Australia for a wedding and returned home to find the floors magically complete!

I've started putting together all the caravan renovation information and videos in one place on our website here as I post them here so feel free to check that out if you want to see all the reno stuff in one place! As per usual if you've got any questions, just ask! 😁👍

Before: starting to take out the previous cabinetry

During: everything ripped out ready to start on the walls and floor

During: Lino up, everything stripped

During: Grandpa hard at work laying the ply underfloor

After: The finished product waiting for the walls to go in next

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