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wow, it's not until we look at these side by side that we realise how far we've come!

I'm not going to lie, it was a shame to lose that original 1972 kitchen, but it just wasn't practical for long term touring with a family. There was a tiny sink and tiny water tank, very little storage, a hand pump for the water, and no 12v battery system. And as we plan to travel in it full time, it definitely needed an upgrade.

We repurposed what we could;

- Re-used orginal wood where we could

- The top cabinet is orginal (just painted) and we built a replica of it for the other side above our seating area (photos of that side to come. It's still a work in progress)

- We sold the 240v fridge and replaced it with a 12v/240v one.

- We originally hoped to re-use the cooker just cause it's gorgeous but it really wasn't practical so we'll be selling that too sadly.

- We stripped the varnish off the handles and painted them matt black to use in the new kitchen

- The main cabinet has been repurposed as a desk to use in our house. And the metal has been repurposed as a fire pit!

- We tried to keep a retro vibe, but still have modern comforts like our 12v lights, fridge, 2 burner cooker, grill, rangehood, and 12v water pump connected to a 90L freshwater tank, with the sink running to a 90L grey water tank.

- We drew inspiration for the colour scheme from the outside colour, which came with the caravan when we bought it.

And it all runs off solar power thanks to our excellent 12v battery system (video here)

So stoked with how it's come together! Nobody gets to the end of a reno like this and says "wow that was so much quicker and cheaper than I expected it to be". Plenty of work and $$'s has gone into this, and it's still not quite finished. But now that we're so close to the end it's all starting to feel like it was worth it.

And one day, when these crazy times have passed, I can assure you this caravan is going to explore every last inch of this beautiful country

(We'll be popping up more before & after photos as we get the last few bits done. And of course a video tour when it's all complete. Make sure you keep following us for updates, and be sure to like & comment when you see our posts so Facebook knows you want to keep seeing them in your newsfeed! And keep up with everything we've posted to far here on our website)





Everything all ripped out!

The bones of the kitchen going in

Re-painting and re-purposing some of the original cabinetry and handles

The bones of the kitchen going in

We re-used the cut out parts of the bench top to make a sink cover/chopping board

Installing the splashback

All finished!

One side/end of the caravan all done! Now just need to complete the main bed and the dining area... Watch this space!

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