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The bed is one of the main reasons we decided to strip out the caravan and start again. In the original layout the main bed was pretty small - probably around a king single size. And while I don't mind a bit of snuggle Nathan really prefers to have more space. There was no way to increase the bed size in it's original position, thus the decision was made to completely change the entire internal layout!

The great thing about starting from scratch is you can completely customize your design. So we've gone with a full double bed, that lifts up for easy access to plenty of storage. It also has a door hatch to access the portaloo & underbed space while the bed is down, storage at the end of the bed for our clothes so they too can be easily accessed when the bed is down, and a 'book nook' storage area to the far side under the window. Plus there's USB charging points on either side.

Now if only the baby would let us, we'd be able to have a great nights sleep!

BEFORE - single beds were originally down the end we now have the double

AFTER - Plenty of underbed storage + a hatch to access the loo

BEFORE - Double was down the other end where we now have bunks. But it was really more like a king single and a wee bit too cosy for us both

DURING - Single beds coming out

DURING - Mock up to check design and placement

DURING - the bed being constructed in Grandpa's basement

DURING - We had a friends wedding at a music festival a few weeks after Rosie was born so we chucked a mattress on the floor and took the caravan & the kids off to the festival

DURING - bed in!

AFTER - All finished

AFTER - underbed storage + end of bed storage. We each have an underbed storage bag that slides in the space at the end for our clothes

AFTER - Hatch under the bed to access the portaloo when bed is down

AFTER - all done!

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