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The sun in New Zealand is BRUTAL so we've been on the look out for a decent beach shade/sun shelter for a while. But we just couldn't seem to find anything that looked like what were after. So when Breezy Shade offered to give us one of their cool looking beach shelters to try out we were pretty happy to give it a go!

I wanted something that held up to the wind, had enough room for the 4 of us, was lightweight and compact, was decent quality, and was easy for one of us to put up/pack away on our own.

The Breezy Shade ticks all those boxes but I also love that it's high enough to stand under & fit the pram in, that it looks pretty cool, and most importantly that they have one in a colour that matches the caravan 😉We haven't managed too many beach days since we got it (I soooo wish we'd had it at the start of Summer!) but we've been getting good use out of it on the grass as well as the sand both on our campsites, at at roadside picnic stops.

All it is is a piece of stretchy fabric & two lightweight aluminum poles, and how it works is simple: You lay it out flat, and each 'leg' has a pocket you can fill with sand (or a loop you can peg down if you're on the grass). The fabric is super stretchy so you pull it extra tight before pegging/sand filling it, then you just put the two poles in underneath to pop it up. And that's it! When you're done the poles come out and fold down, you tip out the sand or pull out the pegs, then we use the "just shove it all in" method to put it back in the compact carry bag - no fancy folding required. So very simple, and it only weighs just over 2kg. And if the sun starts to shift you can move the poles anywhere on the fabric that suits without needing to unpeg and move the whole thing.

Genius!I forsee rather a lot of beach days in our future with this thing!

🌞UPDATE: Breezy Shade have got in touch to offer a free grass pegs set ( $15 value) with each shade purchase + free shipping . Also, they are currently running a 10% OFF sale on their website if you're interested. Just use code TGEA-FPEG to get your free gift + the general promo code on the website to get an additional 10% OFF 👍


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