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Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Before, after & during: Rear end and bunk beds

When we bought this caravan we had planned to keep the original layout and just do a cosmetic reno. But after using it a couple of times and realising just how small the "double" (more like a king single) bed really was, we started to toy with the idea of ripping everything out and completely changing the layout. Because of where the caravan door is we couldn't actually make the bed any bigger than it was in it's current position. And although at this point we didn't actually realise we were soon going to be a family of 4, we still thought it would be a good idea to put bunks in to try and maximize the space (a good decision, as it turns out).

As you can see we did completely change the layout, moving the double bed to the other end (making sure it was a full sized double!) & putting bunks in it's place. I'd seen this style of bunk on other caravan renos and really wanted to give it a go on ours. After much head scratching and deliberation we came up with this final design, and as per usual Nathan (with a lot of help from his Dad, for which we are very appreciative!) somehow managed to turn all my crazy ideas into a beautiful reality.

We absolutely love the final product, and Ryan is super stoked to have his own 'room' (complete with shelf, lights and usb plugs powered by our excellent Redarc solar setup) where he can shut the curtains and hide away in his own space. Plus we've managed to add in some extra storage, while also not adding in too much extra weight overall.

BEFORE: I swear that bed was much smaller than it looks!

AFTER: We reused the single mattresses from the caravan, as well as the drawers & handles (repainted).

AFTER: We wanted to still make the most of those gorgeous big windows as much as possible.

DURING: everything all ripped out

DURING: We went the whole hog and ripped all the walls off too so we could add insulation and deal with some leaks

DURING: We went the whole hog and ripped all the walls off too so we could add insulation and deal with some leaks. Finding a way to hold the roof on while the glue dried was a bit of a challenge.

DURING: The bunks started their life in Grandpas basement

DURING: moving from Grandpa's basement into the caravan. By this stage I had the curtains up too.

DURING: fixing the bunks in place and working on the drawers - we reused drawers from the original caravan cabinetry

DURING: We did a whole heap of mockups using cardboard to get to the design we eventually went with

DURING: The Kid approves of developments

DURING: Top bunk frontage going in

DURING: We painted the fronts before fixing them in. Almost done!

Feel free to share your thoughts, comments and of course questions. I'll pass all the technical ones over to Nathan to answer, because I have no idea how he managed to pull this off - I suspect the man may actually be a wizard!

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