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Nathan may not be able to work at the moment due to the current lockdown rules, but we can still get him working on the caravan!

This week he's been busy doing some of those last little jobs we still have left, including installing the splashback in our kitchen.

We considered many options for the kitchen splashback. We decided we wanted a tile look, but didn't want the weight that came with real tiles. We're in a number of caravan renovation groups on Facebook and we were seeing Tic Tac Tiles recommended repeatedly so we figured we'd give them a go.

They're essentially just sheets of stickers with a raised tile look and come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. As with many things we found them to be a lot cheaper in Australia than in New Zealand so we ordered them on eBay and had them sent to my parents house, then I picked them up and flew back with them when I visited before Christmas with the kids.

I suspected they may be one of those things that look easy, but are actually much harder to use than expected. But Nathan had them up in a couple of hours and I didn't hear a single swear word coming from the caravan.

We love how they look, and how the kitchen has turned out. And now time will tell how well they last/perform long term. Watch this space and we'll let you know!

The kitchen is now pretty much complete so I'll be popping some before and after photos up soon so you can see just how different it looks!

What do you think, has Nathan done a good job or what?!

(If you're wondering where we got the tiles from, this is the eBay store here)

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