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Updated: Apr 26, 2020


A quick video showing the current state of our Caravan Reno (hint: bomb site!). For those that don't know, it's a 1972 Oxford Deluxe who goes by the name of 'Crystal'.

So far we've pulled out all the walls, fixed the leaks, removed the ant nests, put in insulation, relined the walls & roof, and laid the floors.

We've also built the beds offsite so they're ready to go in, installed the seating area & the kitchen end walls (& by 'We' I mean Grandpa who has worked his butt off and done most of the cabinetry). We've reused original materials wherever possible.

Currently Nathan is working on our 12v system which will consist of a REDARC Electronics Battery Management System, 2 x 120Ah batteries & 2 x 150W Redarc solar panels for the roof.

I'm busy making the curtains which has been fun considering I had no idea what I was doing & barely know how to use a sewing machine. But I reckon they're looking pretty good!

Next will be installing the beds & the kitchen + storage areas (thanks Grandpa!), fitting the plumbing/water & grey water tanks so we can be Certified Self contained (Nathan's job, and neccessary here for most free camps), and painting the cabinets & door handles (my job, recycling original door fronts, drawers & handles).

We had originally hoped to be away to travel the North Island by Christmas, but with that only a month away, plus a new baby taking up our time (and our sleep!) & Nathan only able to work on it at weekends, that's looking very unlikely. We're all sick at the moment too making motivation a bit low. So whatever still needs doing we'll work on over Christmas once Nathan has finished work and then head off whenever it's ready enough to travel in.

And that's where we're at. Like any reno it is of course taking longer than planned & costing more than expected. But gees it'll be good once it's done!

Any tips, questions, comments? We'd love to hear them!


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